Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso

Vila Nova de Gaia 2007

School Garden

Nursery to Higher Education

The project consists of the design of the new facilities of a 28-year-old arts school, "Vilar do Paraíso Music Academy", in the municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia-Porto.

The school of artistic scope, will bring together Music, Dance, Theater, Painting and Cine-Video ..., bringing together all age groups, from Nursery to Higher Education, in a natural relationship between Students and Masters.

Thus giving body to the dream of its pedagogical director Professor Hugo Berto Coelho.

The school continues the morphology of the landscape, maintains the fragmentation of the building and recreates the linearity of its base through the accesses to the various departments of education and their spaces of support, where each one of its volumes appears.

The project also includes spaces for artistic research (Black-Box, auditoriums), catering and meeting spaces, all related to the natural environment, surrounded by woods and an open-air amphitheater, recreating magical places for maintenance Of the arts.